DigitalCFO Asia Webinar 網路研討會 22 Feb 2024
FP&A Transformation 轉型 – Moving on from Spreadsheet Chaos and Legacy Systems 擺脫EXCEL混亂和傳統系統

Webinar Details

22 February 2024, Thursday


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Zoom Webinar

Who Should Attend:

CFOs, Heads of Finance, Financial controllers, VP/SVP Finance, Finance Directors, Heads of FP&A, FP&A Directors, Senior Finance Manager/Finance Managers, Finance Business Partners and other finance professionals involved in the processes of planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting.

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In our fast-paced, data-driven world, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) are at the heart of informed decision-making. However, many organizations still find themselves grappling with the challenges of performing key finance processes such as financial consolidation, management reporting, annual budgeting, and monthly forecasting using outdated spreadsheets and legacy systems; impeding their ability to adapt, forecast and thrive.

Spreadsheet chaos have been holding many finance professionals back. Manual data entry, multiple versions, and a lack of real-time collaboration are just a few of the headaches that come with spreadsheets. Legacy systems may be comfortable, but they are often the barriers to progress. Clinging to outdated systems can have implications such as costly maintenance and data silos.

Hence, FP&A transformation is no longer just an option; it is an imperative. As markets evolve, customer expectations change, and global economic conditions fluctuate, organisations must have the agility and foresight to adapt swiftly and make data-driven decisions. Modernising FP&A practices is essential because it equips businesses with the tools to enhance financial consolidation, management reporting, budgeting & planning, and monthly forecasting.

Join DigitalCFO Asia & Wolters Kluwer in this insightful webinar to find out more about transforming your FP&A processes for increased data accuracy, efficiency and have one single source of truth, so that finance professionals and their organisations can unlock their truth potential and ultimately translating into a competitive advantage in their respective industries.


  • Simplify existing processes by reducing the manual workload.
  • Enhance process efficiency to achieve streamlined operations
  • Establish data visibility through a finance data hub to provide a single source of truth
  • Elevate data quality to enhance accuracy and reliability
  • Address compliance requirements, especially in financial consolidation and data governance




因此,FP&A 轉型不再僅僅是一個選擇;它是勢在必行的。隨著市場不斷變化、客戶期望變動和全球經濟條件波動,組織必須具有迅速適應並做出數據驅動決策的敏捷性和前瞻性。現代化 FP&A 實踐至關重要,因為它為企業提供了提升財務合併、管理報告、預算與計劃以及月度預測的工具。

加入 DigitalCFO AsiaWolters Kluwer 參與這場富有洞見的網路研討會,了解如何轉型你的財務規劃與分析(FP&A)流程,以提升數據準確性和效率,實現單一真相來源。這將使財務專業人士及其組織能夠發掘真實潛力,最終轉化為在各自行業中的競爭優勢。

學習要點 :

  • 簡化現有流程,減少手動工作負擔。
  • 提升流程效率,實現簡化運營。
  • 通過財務數據中樞建立數據可視性,提供單一真相來源。
  • 提升數據質量,增強準確性和可靠性。
  • 應對合規要求,特別是在財務合併和數據治理方面。

Event Agenda



10:00 AM

Opening Address & Housekeeping by DigitalCFO Asia

10:05 AM

Opening Keynote Presentation - Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik
開場主題演講 - 威科集團CCH Tagetik

Topic: FP&A Transformation – Moving on from Spreadsheet Chaos and Legacy Systems
主題: FP&A Transformation 轉型 – 擺脫EXCEL混亂和傳統系統

Andy Tang, Senior Consultant, Greater China, Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik
唐宏鈞, 大中華區資深顧問, 威科集團 CCH Tagetik

10:20 AM

Panel Discussion 座談會

Topic: What are the key considerations and challenges CFOs must take note when embarking on a FP&A transformation journey in their organisations?
主題: 當首席財務官開展財務規劃與分析(FP&A)轉型之旅時,必須注意哪些關鍵考慮因素和挑戰?

Andy Tang, Senior Consultant, Greater China, Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik
唐宏鈞, 大中華區資深顧問, 威科集團 CCH Tagetik

Todd Peng, Vice President, Financial Performance Improvement, Ernst & Young
彭德全, 副總, 財務績效改善諮詢服務, 安永企業管理諮詢服務股份有限公司

Bruce Yu, Head of Finance & Legal, Rhinoshield Pte. Ltd.
游俊菖, 財務和法律主管新加坡商犀牛盾科技股份有限公司

Lin Xiao-Wan, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Better Milk

林曉灣, 創辦人及运营長, 解乳坊

Andrea Chien, Sales Director, Taiwan, Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik
簡郁欣, 銷售總監, 台灣, 威科集團 CCH Tagetik

10:50 AM

Q & A Session

11:00 AM

Closing Address by DigitalCFO Asia

End of Webinar

Meet the Speakers

Andy Tang 唐宏鈞

Senior Consultant, Greater China

Wolters Kluwer
威科集團 CCH Tagetik

Todd Peng 彭德全

Vice President,
Financial Performance Improvement
副總, 財務績效改善諮詢服務

Ernst & Young

Bruce Yu 游俊菖

Head of Finance & Legal


Rhinoshield Pte. Ltd

Lin Xiao-Wan 林曉灣

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Better Milk

Andrea Chien 簡郁欣

Sales Director, Taiwan

Wolters Kluwer
威科集團 CCH Tagetik