CIO World Asia | Telstra Cybersecurity Executive Forum - Zero Trust Security Approach to enhance cyber resilience: Securing your Digital Transformation | 17 Aug 2023


17 August 2023

8:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Andaz Singapore
5 Fraser Street
Singapore 189354

Garden Studio, level 3


50-60 CISOs, Heads of Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Directors & Information Security Professionals

Event Synopsis:

In an increasingly interconnected and digitized world, organizations face ever-growing cyber threats that can compromise their sensitive data and disrupt their operations.

To address these challenges, we are excited to present the event "Zero Trust Security Approach to enhance cyber resilience: Securing Your Digital Transformation."

This event is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the Zero Trust model and its crucial role in bolstering cyber resilience. Our expert speakers, renowned in the field of cybersecurity, will delve into the principles, strategies, and benefits of implementing a Zero Trust Security approach. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, they will highlight how Zero Trust can secure your digital transformation initiatives, regardless of the size or industry of your organization.

During the event, you will gain valuable insights into practical steps for implementing Zero Trust Security, exploring topics such as continuous authentication, least privilege access, network segmentation, and threat monitoring. Real-world case studies will showcase successful Zero Trust deployments and their positive impact on organizations' ability to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats.

In addition, the event will offer ample networking opportunities to connect with industry peers, share experiences, and exchange best practices for enhancing cyber resilience through Zero Trust. You will have the chance to interact directly with our speakers, ask questions, and gain personalized advice tailored to your organization's needs.

Whether you are an IT professional, a cybersecurity expert, or a business leader concerned about safeguarding your digital assets, this event is a must-attend. Join us as we explore the Zero Trust Security approach and equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to secure our digital transformations effectively.

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Event Agenda



8:30 AM

Registration & Welcome Coffee

9:00 AM

Opening Address by CIO World Asia
Speaker: Ryan Kwa, Publisher, CIO World Asia

9:05 AM

Opening Remarks by Telstra
Speaker: Ganesh Narayanan, Head of Cybersecurity, Telstra

9:15 AM

Keynote Presentation
Topic: Securing your digital eco-system holistically - end to end visibility of security
Speaker: Dan Draper, CEO & Founder, CipherStash

9:35 AM

Breakout Sessions

Group 1 - Securing Your Digital Identities
Duration: 30 minutes

How do you ensure that your organisation is secure, yet at the same time your coworkers are able to access information in an efficient and effective manner? This session aims to give you an overview of how organizations can help you manage identities at scale, provide the right access to the right people and ensuring a seamless employee experience.

Speaker: Gireesh P K, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Security

Group 2 - Securing Your Data/ Applications
Duration: 30 minutes

With the focus on the hybrid workforce, what are your organization’s processes, practices, and tools being used to identify, repair, and protect against vulnerabilities in your applications and data? Did you know that cyberattacks targeting applications have surged by 140% in the past year? This session aims to walk you through best practices, governance and compliances and the business impact of not having the right strategy.

Speaker: Elliott Callaghan, Head of Security Advisory (South Asia), Telstra Purple

Group 3 - Securing Your Network and Infrastructure
Duration: 30 minutes

According to Gartner, at least 70% of new remote access deployments will be served mainly by zero trust network access. Do you use cloud services, like 95% of organizations? This session aims to cover protecting your network and cloud apps & embrace robust network security measures to safeguard your organization's valuable data and ensure uninterrupted productivity.

Rupanjana Mukherjee, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Group 4 - Enhancing the resiliency of your security operations
Duration 30 minutes

Studies show that organizations with managed security services experience 66% faster threat detection and 95% faster response times. What are you currently doing to manage your security operations? Find out more about detection & monitoring, alerts and incident management and how this all integrates into your security operations.

Speaker: Jerry Arulandu, Senior Security Solutions Specialist, Telstra

10:35 AM

Coffee Break

10:50 AM

Breakout Sessions resume

11:50 AM

Q&A Segment

12:00 PM

Closing Remarks by Telstra
Dan Whitmarsh, Head of Services & Microsoft Practice, Telstra Purple

12:10 PM

Networking Lunch

1:30 PM

End of Event

Speakers & Facilitators

Ganesh Narayanan
Head of Cybersecurity

Dan Whitmarsh
Head of Services & Microsoft Practice Telstra Purple

Dan Draper
CEO & Founder

Elliott Callaghan
Head of Security Advisory
(South Asia)
Telstra Purple

Rupanjana Mukherjee

Senior Product Manager


Gireesh P K
Senior Product Manager
Microsoft Security

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