DigitalCFO Asia | Payoneer VIP Connect | 20 Sep 2023 |
Payments Strategies Powering SMB Cross-Border Growth


20 September 2023

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Shangri-La Singapore

Dutch Pavilion,
22 Orange Grove Road

258350 Singapore


CFOs, VP/SVP Finance, Finance Directors, Head of Finance

Event Synopsis:

Payoneer, the financial technology company empowering global growth for small and medium-sized businesses is hosting our latest exclusive networking event – Payoneer VIP Connect, with the theme “Going Global: Payments Strategies Powering SMB Cross-Border Growth”. The event will hear from experts who will share their perspectives on the evolving landscape of cross-border business, the role of technology in overcoming challenges, and the future of global commerce.

Our attendees at this event – founders, C-suite executives, and industry experts – will be drawn from SMBs across different industries and regions, but what links you all together is that you are all expanding your businesses across borders.

Join DigitalCFO Asia and Payoneer in this Exclusive Networking Session to explore how SMBs can conquer global markets and leverage technology.

Discussion Topics:

1. The Benefits of Going Global

- How does cross-border expansion provide access to larger markets and a competitive advantage? 

- In what ways can payments empower growth and expansion? 

2. Challenges and Solutions

- What are some of the common challenges SMBs face when expanding internationally?

- How can market research help mitigate risks and navigate cultural nuances?

3. Success in New Markets

- How has digitization opened up opportunities for SMBs to grow internationally?

4. Insights from Payoneer’s SMB Ambitions Barometer   
- Share key findings and discuss how it relates to the strategies presented

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Event Agenda



01:00 PM

Registration & Welcome Drinks

01:30 PM

Opening Address by DigitalCFO Asia & Payoneer

02:00 PM

Panel Discussion:

Topic: Going Global: Payments Strategies Powering SMB Cross-Border Growth


1. Nagesh Devata, SVP GTM APAC, Payoneer

2. Dennis Tan, General Manager, VEGRU

3. Cheng Ying Chung, Operations Director, ROAS Media

4. Yaw Chek Chee, Commercial Vice President, DHL Express

5. Anna Melissa Nava, Co-Founder and CEO, 1Export

6. Crystal Ren, Founder and CEO of Phera, Founder of Abound Lifestyle, and Angel Investor


Shalini Shukla, Consulting Editor, DigitalCFO Asia

03:00 PM

Coffee Break

03:15 PM

Roundtable Discussion

03:50 PM

Networking & Drinks

05:00 PM

Closing Address & End of Event


Nagesh Devata



Dennis Tan

General Manager


Cheng Ying Chung

Operations Director

ROAS Media

Shalini Shukla

Consulting Editor

DigitalCFO Asia

Yaw Chek Chee

Commercial Vice President

DHL Express

Anna Melissa Nava

Co-Founder and CEO


Crystal Ren

Founder and CEO of Phera,

Founder of Abound Lifestyle, and Angel Investor

Technology Partner

About Payoneer

Payoneer is the financial technology company empowering the world’s small and medium-sized businesses to transact, do business and grow globally. Payoneer was founded in 2005 with the belief that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. It is our mission to enable anyone anywhere to participate and succeed in the global digital economy. Since our founding, we have built a global financial platform that has already made it easier for millions of SMBs, particularly in emerging markets, to pay and get paid, manage their funds, and grow their business. For more info, please visit

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